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Slingsby School Governing Body

The overall aim for the Governing Body is to take general responsibility for the school’s conduct and ensure that high standards of achievement are promoted. We work together to provide an independent oversight of the management and operation of the school, with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards. The overriding requirement to be a governor is that they care about the development of the children at Slingsby School.

Governor Aims and Objectives

Monitoring children’s attainment, to ensure it’s in line with national expectations of progress. Governors will achieve this by regular meetings with the Head Teacher to discuss school reports and data information.

Governors will work with the school and parents to promote the school as the ideal environment for learning for local children.

Governors will achieve this by ensuring the website is up to date and records achievements, events and opportunities available to pupils.

Governors will monitor developments in school by regularly making visits to school and observing a variety of different activities – relating to each governors allocated subject and area of interest.

Governors will take part in available training in order to increase their knowledge and therefore be fully equipped to be an effective governor.


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