Home from Home . . Can I go to Breakfast Club? . . . . . .Please?


As a Community Governor to the school I thought it would be good just to drop into school early one morning and see what was happening in our newly appointed Breakfast Club held in the Reading Rooms and run by Mrs Leeson.

I opened the door to a quiet bustle of breakfast pots, chit chat and the smell of toast. The Reading Rooms were warm and cosy and there like a Mother Hen was Sally running about after the children with their breakfast needs!

It took me back to my child hood and staying with my Granny – You could have a choice of cereal, you could even have more than one cereal in a bowl – a mixture, which I really liked the look of! You got orange juice if required, or tea oh yes and you could also have HOT CHOCOLATE! You can have white toast or brown toast and a selection of jams, then when you have finished all that, there was a large selection of different puzzles, jigsaws, games, arts and crafts things to do.

So parents if I was you I would have an early start one day to go do your Christmas shopping, have a run, walk that dog or just have a quiet cuppa on your own it’s a super place to send your children or, if you prefer get yourself down to the Reading Rooms and have your breakfast with Sally, be waited on hand and foot for £3 a session it is well worth it!

Breakfast club2            Breakfast club2


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